Estancia Forestal

Impact Story

Impact story: Estancia Forestal

Average medium sized farm with around 2,000 ha and optimal site conditions for commercial reforestation. The farm includes previously deforested sites that were used for grain production, implanted pastures for cattle, highly degraded patches of natural forests, and lowlands and riverine areas.
Areas previously used for agriculture are turned into eucalypt plantations, while implanted pastures are converted into silvopastoral systems.
Main income will be from timber in the future
Offers opportunity to explore a new type of forest landscape restoration – enrichment planting: so far the only pilot project on a national level. Enrichment planting consists in planting exotic high value timber species into degraded natural forests, as a way to finance restoration efforts. Over a 15-year cycle, exotic species are harvested and then removed from the system, leaving a restored natural forest that is sustainably managed.
This type of land use mix is most suitable for land that is only marginally suitable for agricultural commodities


Natural forest Natural forest

Planted forest Planted forest

Cattle Cattle

Silvopastoral system Silvopastoral system

Water Water