Estancia Agroprecuaria

Impact Story

Impact story: Estancia Agroprecuaria

Traditional large scale farm with exceptionally high percentage of remaining natural forest cover
The natural forest remaining on farm is not very degraded, which is unusual. This allows for very long term sustainable forest management. Timber species with commercial value and a certain minimum size are harvested, while measures are taken to enhance the natural regeneration.
The main income is from agricultural commodities
Offers opportunity to explore the full range of forest landscape restoration investments: management of natural forest, commercial reforestation, silvo-pastoral systems and sustainability improvements within agriculture production
Sustainable long-term management helps to protect the natural forest by creating economic value that makes it worth to leave the forest standing


Natural forest Natural forest

Planted forest Planted forest

Cropland Cropland

Cattle Cattle

Silvopastoral system Silvopastoral system

Water Water