Trifinio Cerrón Grande

Impact Story

Impact story: Trifinio Cerrón Grande

Integrated actions for the development and implementation of forest landscape restoration strategies were carried out by the Ministry of environment and natural resources of El Salvador. Trifinio Cerrón Grande is a selected impact story describing water and soil conservation measures, silvopastoril systems and forest management.

In this zone, inadequate practices and the fast expansion of cattle ranching and agricultural areas have caused environmental degradation, resulting loses in the available resources
Approximately 2,726 ha of restored forested areas identifies the opportunity for the introduction of timber supply. This based in addition to the management of 150 ha of secondary forest
The implementation of 200 ha with silvopastoral systems allows for economic benefits from beef combined with revenue from timber in the long term. This cattle regular seasonal income together with biomass production act as buffer to overcome price fluctuations and productivity loss due to climate uncertainties
The development of soil conservation strategies supports FLR investments in regard to the sustainable production of grains in degraded lands, expanding sustainable supply of agricultural products


Natural forest Natural protected areas

Planted forest Forested land

Cropland Cropland

Silvopastoral system Silvopastoral system

Water Water