Forest landscape investments

The Strategy

The Vision

Latin America has more than 450 million hectares of deforested and degraded land. As this land fails to deliver the complete set of economic benefits possible under pristine or sustainably managed conditions, it contributes to rural poverty and market inefficiencies.

Forest landscape investments provide an opportunity to reclaim these lost benefits by paving the way for a forest-based green economy that meets the social and environmental needs of present and future generations for decades to come.

The forest landscape approach can manifest in different ways: commercial tree planting, enrichment planting, agroforestry, natural forest management,

or a mosaic of trees integrated into mixed-use landscapes such as silvopastoral systems.

This wide spectrum of investment options allows to adjust and optimize ecosystem goods and services in response to changing societal and environmental needs, creating a resilient business model able to buffer all sorts of disturbance.

Attracting sufficient funding for forest landscape restoration is the key challenge to successful implementation. As public support is unlikely to meet total financing needs, the effectiveness of the approach will rely on attracting significant private sector investments.

How it works

Guiding principles

Forest landscape restoration investments contribute to regain lost environmental services and strengthen ecosystem resilience for the future.

Seven principles are key to the success of the approach: